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Ear Acupuncture (Auriculotherapy)

Ear acupuncture is used in:

  • Quit smoking with acupuncture
  • Other addictions to alcohol, food or sex
  • Unhealed scar treatment with acupuncture
  • Emotional problems especially for ADHD/ADD, panic attacks, depression, OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder).
  • Post Traumatic stress disorder
  • Migraines Headaches
  • Infertility
  • Weight loss
  • Pain / Musculoskeletal disorders

Jenny is one of the specialized auriculotherapist in Melbourne with further study into European style auricular therapy.

She combines the European style of Dr. Paul Nogier (he is known as Father of auriculotherapy) discovery of VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) pulse with Chinese medicine auricular therapy.

The principle of Auriculotherapy is based on the fact that a point or a zone on the ear corresponds to an organ or a system. The mechanism of action is a reflex mechanism.

Using a detector and taking your radial pulse at the same time detects the ear reflex (pathological point). When a pathological point is found, subtle change (the VAS pulse) is noticed on your pulse, and then we needle the reflex area to correct the blockage.

This technique is not practiced in common due to delicate technique in finding the VAS pulse.

However, by using the VAS pulse, the point location and diagnosis is precise as your body is giving the feedback regarding a particular organ or a system.

Especially with addiction treatment- tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food or sex addictions can be effective treated when combined with ear acupuncture, as needling the ear will influence the brain neurovascular dynamics and change the way you feel about the addictions.

For further questions please contact Jenny on (03) 9039 2192.

ear acupuncture

ear acupuncture

ear acupuncture